SNOMAN Companion 5.03

Welcome to the SNOMAN Companion which, together with the User Manual and the Programmer Manual should tell you all you ever wanted to know about SNOMAN, well almost! If you find it useful (and even if you don't) please mail with suggestions.

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Last updated: 6 February 2002

Getting Up To Speed

Introduction for New Users What is this companion, and what good is it to me?

Goals I really don't have time right now to read every all the documentation, I just want to ...

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions Am I really the first person to trip over this?

SNOMAN Tutorial 98 Selected talks (i.e. the ones we could lay our hands on) from the SNOMAN Tutorial in Sudbury. The link won't work unless the files have been installed locally!

Reference Section

Glossary Precisely what do you mean by ...

Event Data Structure How is the data that describes an individual event and the current run organised?

Titles banks (+ PEGS stuff) How is the data that describes the detector and controls the software organised?

Calibration Data Flow How does all the information about a calibration reach SNOMAN?

ID Codes What codes are used in event and titles data?

Software Structure How is the code structured and what does this routine do?

ZEBRA: A Beginner's Guide + Reference If I really must learn something about ZEBRA

N-tuple DQFs I can't quite remember the n-tuple function for ...

DAMN Bits What does that DAMN bit mean?

Commands and Command Files What is the command for ...

Debugging I need to take a peek under the bonnet (hood).

Assumptions What are you assumming when you run SNOMAN 5.03?

Verification What parts of SNOMAN have been verified?

Validation How do we ensured that verified code continues to work?

Technical Section

HTML: A Beginner's Guide I want to know just enough HTML to update this companion.

Installation How do I install SNOMAN and this companion?

Update Procedures If I am changing SNOMAN what must I remember to do?

Using CVS How to I update the code at Oxford using CVS?

Release dates When's the next release due?

Release notes What's so great about 5.03?

Other Documents Is there something you are not telling me?

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