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masterfix struct.unpack bug reported by mingi wuAnthony LaTorre8 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-11-29fix struct.unpack bug reported by mingi wuHEADmasterAnthony LaTorre
2013-05-01set default ip and port in setup.pyAnthony LaTorre
2013-04-17break out of run loop after catching a keyboard interruptAnthony LaTorre
2013-04-02fix saving of header state in a few functions. acquire method now blocks unti...Anthony LaTorre
2013-03-29small syntax error, use math.log10Anthony LaTorre
2013-03-29catch keyboard interrupt and resize datasetsAnthony LaTorre
2013-03-29recv function now accepts size, added a method to enable fastframe, commented...Anthony LaTorre
2013-03-01add ability to fetch waveforms in chunks when fastframe is turned on.Anthony LaTorre
2013-03-01added beginnings of script to save waveforms to disk to tektronix.py.Anthony LaTorre
2013-03-01add method to fetch waveforms. also add methods to convert waveform to voltag...Anthony LaTorre